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Erica and Alice,
You helped me back in December (2013). I had applied Solomon’s COF earlier in 2013 then followed your recommendations and applied your suggested amendments during the winter.
My garden, in past years, has been plagued by pests most notably stink and harlequin bugs with some squash bugs and cabbage loopers thrown in for good measure. This year, so far, I have spectacular lettuce and spinach (the best I have ever grown, by far) and brassicas that don’t seem to be getting much attention from the cabbage moths. I have only seen one harlequin bug so far. The real test for me will be to see how my tomatoes do against the stink bugs and their onslaught that usually begins in July.
I bought a refractometer to check brix. My results have been not as high as I hoped (lettuce-4, spinach-5, kale-9) but I don’t have any previous data to which to compare these values. I haven’t had a chance to try foliar feeding and am not sure if I will do it anytime soon. I would rather depend on my soil.
I will most definitely be testing my soil again this winter and enlisting your assistance again.

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