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The Intelligent Gardener: Growing Nutrient-Dense Food

By Steve Solomon with Erica Reinheimer

Written over 10 years ago, The Intelligent Gardener is still revolutionizing the art of growing excellent food. It focuses on the mineral profile of the soil, aiming for the perfect balance that nature herself is aiming towards. As this balance is approached, plants are able to thrive. The result is amazingly good tasting and nutrient-dense food.

There is a link between the nutritional makeup of the soil our food is grown in, the nutritional content of the food, and our health. It’s not a big surprise that the approach conventional agriculture takes to growing a crop – starve the soil, herbicide it, spray the crop with pesticides, modify the very genetic makeup of the plants themselves in order for them to be able to survive being poisoned – has resulted in the most massive health crisis ever.

For those of us who love to grow and eat great food, this book lays out the method to do so. We have taken that method and put it into practice on this website.

The Intelligent Gardener book cover

The Intelligent Gardener uses the Albrecht method of soil mineral balancing. Dr. William Albrecht headed up the soil department at the University of Missouri from the 1930’s to about 1960. He scientifically researched the connection between soil mineral balance and animal health. At the time and even today, this information does not sit well with the fertilizer and pesticide industry, nor with the land grant universities that rely on their funding to exist. However, his method was taken up by some; Acres USA magazine has been a strong proponent of Albrecht and eco-farming for decades.

Once The Intelligent Gardener was published, that was not the end of our research into soil mineral balancing. We wrote OrganiCalc, our online mineral recommendation calculator shortly afterwards, to remove the math and copying errors that can happen when calculating amendments manually. We no longer have to remember every single special case that affects the recommendation; OrganiCalc remembers them for us. We add improvements and new features regularly. Happily, according to our customers the method works very, very well.

And yes, we’re still in touch with Steve Solomon. We sit on the Soil and Health Library board of directors and Alice manages the website.

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