Chris Charbonneau – Highland Ranch CO 150 150 Alice

Chris Charbonneau – Highland Ranch CO

The vegetables were excellent this year. My customers all loved them declaring that they taste better and last longer than anything that they have had so I credit the strategies learned through your website and the Intelligent Gardener.

Nancy, East Jordan Michigan 150 150 Alice

Nancy, East Jordan Michigan

The first time I got a recipe for amending the soil in my new raised garden bed, I followed the recipe and sprinkled it over the soil in the box. Then my husband used lumber scraps and built a second box. I didn’t bother amending it. I bought vegetables in the little 4-paks that year but had too much to fit in the one amended box. I decided to put a couple of each kind in the amended box and then, without even thinking that I was setting up a perfect control group, put the extra plants in the unamended box. The difference between the plants in the amended box was astounding! They were very tall and deep green and the vegetables produced there had much more taste. The photo is one leaf from a zucchini in the amended box in comparison to the zucchini plant in the unamended box. The other photo is the amended bed. Everyone who experienced my garden that summer is amending their soil!

Jim Karnofski, Ilwaco WA 150 150 Alice

Jim Karnofski, Ilwaco WA

My goal is to improve health through fertile soils, not to get bogged down in doing garden soils. I want a revolution NOW! Your site is a means to getting fertile soils.

Vicky, Virginia, USA 150 150 Alice

Vicky, Virginia, USA

Erica and Alice,
You helped me back in December (2013). I had applied Solomon’s COF earlier in 2013 then followed your recommendations and applied your suggested amendments during the winter.
My garden, in past years, has been plagued by pests most notably stink and harlequin bugs with some squash bugs and cabbage loopers thrown in for good measure. This year, so far, I have spectacular lettuce and spinach (the best I have ever grown, by far) and brassicas that don’t seem to be getting much attention from the cabbage moths. I have only seen one harlequin bug so far. The real test for me will be to see how my tomatoes do against the stink bugs and their onslaught that usually begins in July.
I bought a refractometer to check brix. My results have been not as high as I hoped (lettuce-4, spinach-5, kale-9) but I don’t have any previous data to which to compare these values. I haven’t had a chance to try foliar feeding and am not sure if I will do it anytime soon. I would rather depend on my soil.
I will most definitely be testing my soil again this winter and enlisting your assistance again.

Debra, Virginia, USA 150 150 Alice

Debra, Virginia, USA

This is the first year that I’ve used OrganiCalc to plan the fertilizers that I apply to my garden. I had always considered my vegetables to be pretty good, and I often received a lot of compliments from other people.
But – holy smokes – my first crops in my re-mineralized beds are strikingly different than I’m used to. These are Red Russian and Toscana kales. Gorgeous blue-green coloring, and the leaves feel about twice as thick as normal. They are incredibly crisp and succulent! I’ve never grown or bought kale that looks or feels like this, and I’ve gardened for decades.
And, despite the fact this it is now late spring with temps up near 80 F, I’m not finding any bitterness in the kale – whether steamed with other veggies, or blended raw in a green smoothie.
So far, no cabbage worms or cutworms either – my major pests for this crop. Of course, that may change as the weather continues to warm up. We’ll see.
I’m really looking forward to seeing how my other crops do this year! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and experience with re-mineralization.

Mike, Ohio, USA 150 150 Alice

Mike, Ohio, USA

Hi Erica – I don’t know that my feedback will be very useful yet, as I’ve only used Organicalc for the first time this year. However, I will say that the broccoli, peas, and fava beans I planted in the 100 s.f. plot I used Organicalc for are doing amazing! They’re super green, showing absolutely no signs of disease so far, and are growing really fast! We’ll see how it goes as the season continues but atm I’m very impressed and satisfied!

Randy, Lummi Island, Washington, USA 150 150 Alice

Randy, Lummi Island, Washington, USA

We had an excellent garden last year and this year is off to a good start. I appreciate the work that you do and am constantly publicizing it to our Grange Gardener’s Network on Lummi Island.

Jenny, Vermont, USA 150 150 Alice

Jenny, Vermont, USA

I’ve had a great experience with the calculator, both for creating my own soil blends and for helping a handful of friends. I’ve been able to improve results drastically in my home garden, which may have been a bit out of whack for a few reasons – including sourcing bad ‘raised bed soil mix’.
I’ve really enjoyed watching your site evolve – it is looking fantastic.

Herrick Kimball, upstate NY, USA 150 150 Alice

Herrick Kimball, upstate NY, USA

I’ve posted to this group in the past to mention how remarkable my garden is this year, after reading ‘The Intelligent Gardener,’ getting a soil analysis, and remineralizing as called for (I mineralized two years ago). The flavor of the food is noticeably better, insect damage is pretty much non existent, and everything I’m growing this year is doing very well. The exception being some tomato plants that are just starting to get blight, but it has been a very wet and cold growing season in upstate NY, USA.
Soil remineralization truly is the “missing link” in the quest to successfully grow wholesome food in a home garden. Thank you, Steve and Erica!

Paul Puddy, Quadra Island, BC, Canada 150 150 Alice

Paul Puddy, Quadra Island, BC, Canada

We had our best garden ever last year and found that the quality of the vegetables was much improved. It is the first year we have re-mineralized the soil and it seems to have made the difference. Next spring we will take fresh soil samples and add what is required.
I encouraged, helped and analyzed soil for several of my neighbours and they are pleased with the results. Generally, your book and efforts have been very supportive and have expanded our knowledge of growing healthy gardens.

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