Strange days have found us…

18 Oct

Plum blossoms in OctToday is October 18th and we’re taking it easy at home here in sunny California. Today is the first day we have ever seen our Santa Rosa plum tree bloom in October. But there it is, blooming its heart out as if the sunny 78F day we are enjoying was occurring in March.

This week the ocean temperature off the coast here set a new all time high record. Form our local forecaster, John Lindsey: “Last evening, we may have tied or even broken the all-time seawater temperature record along the Pecho Coast of San Luis Obispo County.” Water temperatures this warm usually mean an El Nino year, with a rainy winter expected. California could really use the rain after two years of severe drought, but they say that it may not materialize. It seems that the ocean is warm all over and it takes some cold water mixed with the warm to bring us the rain.

As the climate heats up, ocean temperatures are rising, along with atmospheric temperatures. Of course much of the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is due to the burning of fossil fuels. Did you know that a significant percentage is also due to loss of organic matter in the topsoil? And due to our present industrial farming practices?

Soils can and should be a repository of carbon — building humus is the key.

GH gas emissions by source

Graeme Sait makes the link between soil health, human health and the environment in this interesting TedX talk: