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Soil Tests with Recommendations and Comments
Logan Labs Soil Test
Option to add Co, Mo, Se, Si and EC tests
Erica’s analysis, amendment recommendations and written comments
$67 - $72

The soil test includes tests for soil pH, organic matter, Ca, Mg, K, Na, P, S, B, Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn and Al as well as the calculated TCEC and percentage base saturation of the cations, Ca, Mg, K and Na.

This is an option to order additional tests for Co, Mo, Se, Si and electrical conductivity.

Is your soil fizzy? Before you order you will need to do a fizz test on your soil. This will tell you which type of soil test to get – either the standard Mehlich 3 or AA 8.2 for fizzy soil. Easy instructions for how to do a fizz test are here.

Soil amendment recommendations and comments using OrganiCalc – We provide you with a set of certified organic amendment recommendations designed to balance the mineral content of your soil along with written comments on the soil.  The recommendations are based on your Logan Labs standard Mehlich 3 or AA8.2 soil test and are aimed at providing a generous, balanced soil reserve of all plant-essential elements.

How does it work? Our order form asks you a series of questions which let us know what, how and where you are growing. You order the Logan test(s) from us at a discount. We send you the paperwork to include with the samples you mail to Logan.  The lab results come to us, and are included in the recommendations and comments.

How long does it take? It usually takes 3 to 5 working days from the time we receive your test report from Logan Labs before you receive your amendment recommendations.

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