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Soil, Paste, and Water Tests with Recommendations and Comments
Logan Labs Soil Test
Logan Labs Saturated Paste Test
Logan Labs Irrigation Water Suitability or Monitoring Test
Extra Micronutrient Tests
EC, Ammonium and Nitrate Tests
Erica’s Soil-Paste-Water analysis, amendment recommendations and written comments
Phone Consulation
$192 - $199
$143.50 for each additional soil / paste test

The soil, paste and water tests are a comprehensive test of the mineral aspects of your soil and irrigation water. They includes the standard Mehlich 3 or AA8.2 soil test, the saturated paste test, plus an irrigation water test. Additional soil and paste tests may be ordered at the same time.

The soil test includes tests for soil pH, organic matter, Ca, Mg, K, Na, P, S, B, Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn and Al as well as the calculated TCEC and percentage base saturation of the cations, Ca, Mg, K and Na. It also includes an additional test for soil reserves of Co, Mo, Se and Si and the electrical conductivity (EC) of the soil as well as ammonium nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen levels.

The saturated paste test is a test for suluble minerals in the soil. It includes tests for pH, soluble salts, chloride, bicarbonate, S, P, Ca, Mg, K, Na, B, Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn and Al using water as the solvent.  This test identifies the amount of soluble nutrients present in the soil.  It is a test for short term availability of nutrients.  If you irrigate, always supply irrigation water to the lab for this test.

The irrigation water suitability test includes pH, hardness, conductivity, SAR, Ca, Mg, K, Na, Fe, B, P, nitrate, total alkalinity, carbonate, bicarbonate, chloride, sulfate and salt concentration. This is a good test to identify any potential problems with irrigation water that may need to be addressed.  It is very useful in conjunction with the saturated paste test using the same water, since it helps to identify the source of soluble nutrients.

The irrigation water monitoring test is the same test as the irrigation water suitability test except it does not include tests for phosphorus and nitrate.  Also, adjusted SAR and pHc are not calculated. If your water is not likely to be contaminated by runoff from agricultural operations, the irrigation monitoring test is recommended.

Is your soil fizzy? Before you order you will need to do a fizz test on your soil. This will tell you which type of soil test to get – either the standard Mehlich 3 or AA 8.2 for fizzy soil. Easy instructions for how to do a fizz test are here.

OrganiCalc Soil-Paste-Water amendment recommendations and comments. The soil, paste and water tests provide a broad picture of the soil reserve and soluble minerals along with their interactions with irrigation water. In this analysis we place these mineral levels side by side, highlighting excesses and deficiencies. This illuminates a bigger picture of reserve minerals in excess or deficient, the solubility and plant availability of those minerals, as well as highlighting any potential issues with the irrigation water. We modify the OrganiCalc soil amendment recommendations based on this larger picture, and include comments and recommendations for this crop. Also included is a phone consultation with Erica.

We have specific mineral targets for vegetables, hemp or cannabis.  Our targets are based on Logan Labs tests only.

How does it work? During the ordering process we ask you a series of questions about what, how and where you are growing. We do a personalized analysis and email you the OrganiCalc report with recommendations and additional comments. If you like you may then schedule a phone consultation.

How long does it take? It usually takes 3 to 5 working days from the time we receive the test reports from Logan Labs before you receive recommendations and the phone consultation.

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