What makes a soil come alive?

Soil Biology

“We recommend only life-affirming, organic methods.”

There is a type of agriculture that puts profit above all else.  Two bushels of topsoil lost for every bushel of corn, polluted ground water, disappearing bees, insects and birds, dying small towns, an enormous health care industry, glyphosate in food and breast milk, a dead zone the size of Connecticut.  Soil carbon has moved from the soil to the atmosphere at an alarming rate since the dawn of agriculture.

The alternative is to move toward life, in all of its abundance.  Ninety-five percent of all known species of life on Earth live in the soil.  Soil microbes build their bodies from the substance of the soil and get their energy (via carbon compounds) from growing living plants.  This, which Christine Jones refers to as the “liquid carbon pathway”, is the way to move carbon out of the atmosphere and back into the soil.  It’s also the way to grow great food.

Imagine you are a microbe.  Where would you want to live?  Would you want food, shelter and safety?  Perhaps you would want sidewalk cafes, music and dancing spilling onto the street, beautiful parks, rivers and mountains, time to spend with family and friends pursuing your heart’s delight?

Microbe homes are built of carbon and we can do something for them in that regard.  We can grow soil carbon by growing plants.  We can add soil carbon for the long term by incorporating charged biochar. We can enhance biology with compost tea extracts, vermicompost, bokashi, well made compost.

Our task as growers and as people who turn towards life is to encourage vigorous biology.  When we started actively breeding and encouraging soil life, our crops went from good to amazing.