Preparing for a soil test

The Cycle of Soil Improvement

Preparing to mineralize your soil…

If you are reading this, you are probably interested in balancing the minerals in your soil. We find the intricacies of soil analysis fascinating, but we recognize that many people need help determining what their soil needs.

We’ve developed an online app, OrganiCalc, that will provide you with a list of recommended soil amendments, based on the results of your soil test, to balance the minerals in your soil. We only recommend amendments that may be found on the OMRI list of approved materials for organic certification.  OrganiCalc is available by subscription for a small fee.

Which soil test lab should I use?

Soil test methods vary. We recommend Logan Labs in Ohio because they are inexpensive and reliable, and we have tuned OrganiCalc for their test results.  You will be ordering either the standard test or the AA8.2.