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Logan Labs soil test interpretation made easy!

With an Original OrganiCalc subscription, you have access to the OrganiCalc calculator for one year.  To use it you would:

  1. Take a soil sample.
  2. Order a discounted Logan Labs soil test from us.
  3. We email you a completed submission form to include with your soil sample.
  4. You ship your soil to the lab.
  5. You will receive your soil test results 3-5 working days after they arrive at Logan Labs.
  6. Enter the test results into OrganiCalc.
  7. Source the amendments and apply them to your soil.

OrganiCalc will calculate exactly the type and amount of each amendment you need in order to balance the soil in your planting area (see a sample report). Our calculation algorithm has been used in soils world wide with outstanding results.

With this subscription you will be granted unlimited access to OrganiCalc for one year.  Run as many personal soil tests as you like.  If you are a professional, use OrganiCalc Pro.

  • Easy – we take the guesswork out of balancing your soil minerals
  • Accurate – math and transposition errors are eliminated
  • Organic – we recommend only OMRI certified amendments

Firefox Users Please Note

Good news!! The current version of Firefox works with the current version of OrganiCalc. Previous versions of Firefox may not.

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