We take the guesswork out of remineralizing your soil

Step by step we guide you to a set of OMRI organic soil amendment recommendations using OrganiCalc. See a sample soil analysis report. Logan Labs soil test interpretation.

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  • Organic - only OMRI amendments
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Original OrganiCalc

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  • Organic - only OMRI amendments
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Which OrganiCalc Shall I Choose?
When Not to Use OrganiCalc

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OrganiCalc recommends all OMRI organic amendments to build a balanced reserve of the following essential plant nutrients as measured by Mehlich 3 or AA 8.2 extraction

  • Cations – calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium
  • Anions – phosphorus, sulfur
  • Micronutrients – boron, iron, manganese, copper, zinc, cobalt, molybdenum, and silicon
  • Nitrogen – supplied via compost or other organic materials

The Grow Abundant OrganiCalc worksheet is both powerful and easy to use, and the results I’ve had using it on my farm have been nothing short of spectacular. Erica has opened up the world science-based remineralization to everyday gardeners and farmers, and has allowed us to take control of the health of our soils.
— Ryan Nassichuk, Quadra Island, British Columbia, Canada

If it isn’t in the soil, it won’t be in your food.