Tomatoes grown using OrganiCalc
OrganiCalc gives you a list of organic amendments balanced specifically for your soil using the approach in our book The Intelligent Gardener. Mineral balance is the foundation of a healthy, vital soil biology and is critical for growing nutrient dense food. If it isn’t in the soil, it won’t be in your food.

Steps to nutrient dense food

1) Take a soil sample and have it tested either at Logan Labs or Spectrum Analytic
2) Subscribe to OrganiCalc
3) Enter your soil test results in OrganiCalc for an instant recommendation of OMRI approved amendments tailored specifically for your soil
4) Source and apply the minerals along with your usual biological amendments
5) Grow delicious food


…helps you grow nutrient dense food, efficiently and organically
…takes the guesswork (and math) out of soil analysis

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