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If you are a professional using OrganiCalc as part of a business, use OrganiCalc Pro.  Your benefits will include…

  • Unlimited access to OrganiCalc Pro for one year (sample report)
  • Pro features include:
    • All of the features of Original OrganiCalc plus
    • Editable cation percent targets (Ca%, Mg%, K%, Na%)
    • Editable phosphorus target (P)
    • Editable amendment names and element percentages
    • All changes are saved automatically to your device
  • Access to the Soil Analyst Forum
  • Run as many OrganiCalc analyses as you like
  • Let us know if you have issues, questions or suggestions

Order Logan Labs tests from our website at a discount.  We send you the completed form to print and send in along with your soil and/or water samples.

Providing excellent service to our professional clients is at the heart of our business.  Many people use OrganiCalc in their daily work, either to get accurate recommendations quickly and easily or to check their math.  We spend our time making sure we are providing the safest and best recommendations for organic growers building mineral rich soil.

As time goes on we hope to add more services to this subscription.  Let us know what you would like to see.

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