OrganiCalc feedback requested

06 May

parsleyHello friends,
We are looking for some feedback. How did your garden (or farm) grow last year? Can you send us a short email?

Last year at Grow Abundant Gardens we did about 1000 OrganiCalc recommendations. We’ve heard of good results from some of you. We are very interested in all of your experiences.

We have improved OrganiCalc substantially since we introduced it about 16 months ago. Nitrogen, a key ingredient, was listed with the other recommendations early on. Our latest improvements include an option to reduce the phosphorus target by 50% in order to save cost on large areas.

We have also introduced a new responsive web site and a new General Mineralization Recommendation document.

Thanks for your support.

Good growing!
Erica and Alice

PS You can use the contact form here if you like!