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    Soil Sample Info

    This package includes the Complete w/ Extras soil test for up to 6 samples and an Irrigation Water Suitability test.
    The water you send in will also be used for the saturated paste test.

    How many soil samples would you like to submit? (up to 6)

    Which type of soil test do you need? If your fizz test is positive, choose AA8.2. Otherwise choose Std M3.

    >Click here for how to do a fizz test

    The standard soil sample depth is 6 inches. If your sample is a different depth, enter it here:


    Soil Sample 1

    Sample 1 name

    Soil Sample 2

    Sample 2 name

    Soil Sample 3

    Sample 3 name

    Soil Sample 4

    Sample 4 name

    Soil Sample 5

    Sample 5 name

    Soil Sample 6

    Sample 6 name

    [calculation additions cf7-hide precision:0 "Num-samples - 1"]
    [calculation additions-total cf7-hide precision:2 "Num-samples * 58.5"]
    [calculation total cf7-hide precision:2 "99 + ((Num-samples - 1) * 58.5)"]

    Water Sample Info

    Water Sample Name

    Please enter a name for the water sample

    [dynamichidden Num_water_sam "1"]
    [variable AA cf7-hide "test-type:" "Std M3 0" "AA8.2 3"]
    [calculation LL_total cf7-hide precision:2 "77.5 + ((Num-samples - 1) * (48 + AA))"]
    [calculation GA_total cf7-hide precision:2 "total - LL_total"]

    Your Info

    Your name

    Your email

    Your phone number

    Will you be shipping from within the continental United States?




    After clicking the "Pay" button, a new tab will open for payment.

    You will receive an email, "Thank You For Your Order!" in a few minutes. Print the attached Logan Labs submission form and place it in the box with your samples.

    If you do not receive the email, check your spam folder.

    We will separately email you a one-use barcode to place on the outside of the package, along with a soil permit to print and place inside the box.

    This is necessary to ensure your samples get through customs.

    If you do not receive a separate email within one working day, please contact us.

    [order_id order_id-748 cf7-hide]
    [dynamichidden today "current_date format='M d,Y'"]

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