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Good morning!  It’s another beautiful summer day at Rancho Reinheimer, a little bit crisp with an intense sun rising.  The garden is in full harvest season now, with boxes of tomatoes to put up for winter, cukes on the vine, plums on the trees, zukes out of control, beans and onions flourishing, peppers coming on.  Whew!  So why not start a regular blog today?

Even so, there are a few disasters.  Deer ate the strawberry plants right down to the ground.  Once again I didn’t thin the plums enough to avoid limb breakage.  There has been an irrigation leak of giant proportions in the tomatoes which means that the entire upper garden has not been getting irrigated for who knows how long.  It’s a good thing it’s been a cool summer.

We had a group of new friends over the other day.  Tomatoes and plums and apricots were served.  Some folks ate like they were starving, which they were.  If you don’t get access to mineralized food, your body lets you know in no uncertain terms when it becomes available.  Tomato juice was dripping.  Plums were sucked down.  Smiles and seeds spread.

This is where I could start a rant on the evils of the standard American diet (sad!), but rather than bore you with that, I’ll show you some pictures instead. The garden veggies are all pretty healthy and taste great.  Hopefully these pictures will help to convey how well grown this food is.  All of this is grown on our shallow, class 7 soil, loamy sand, on the side of a hill, irrigated with hard, chlorinated city water.

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