Biochar with worms

29 Oct

If you’ve been following our biochar experiment, you know that we’re trying out several different methods of activation of the char. A couple of weeks ago I introduced some worms from my bin into the biochar bins. My worm bins are simply stacked nursery flat holders, held inside a recycled picnic cooler from Goodwill. I gave each biochar bin a worm flat, loaded up with their favorite food, a mix of dead leaves and kitchen scraps. The worms were free to stay in the worm bin or move into the char.




A couple of weeks later and the worms have multiplied and moved into the char. I’ve fed them a bit of corn gluten meal (about 1 cup each bin) and we’ve gone through a mold episode. The worms are out and about foraging on their own now.
I’ve got them inside in a room off the garage — my old office to be exact (always did seem more conducive to compost than work). I think they could be doing better so I’m going to see if I can’t find a source of their favorite food, bacteria and fungi. Stay tuned…

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