Biochar growout test

16 Mar

March 16th, 2014. It’s going to be 90F here today and I just finished spreading 1/2 of the three biochar types, and planting Peaceful Valley’s “Soil Builder” cover crop on them. The test plot is on unimproved soil outside the gardens. I spread each biochar type on a 3’x8′ bed and dug it in. Half of each bed also receive some of last year’s compost. Planted the seed and covered with dirt, then compost mulch to keep moist, then a scattering of straw to also help keep it moist.

Interesting to note the state of the worms in the biochar. I had added worms and bedding to each box last fall. There were no worms at all in the MiracleGro biochar. The control biochar (that had only added compost) had lots of worms while the OrganiCalc mineralized biochar had a few. This has been the worm situation since January. I wonder why? Maybe the nitrogen in the mineralized and MiracleGro biochar caused an early flush of microbes, followed by a collapse?