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Dial in your organic amendment recommendations
with our Pro version

OrganiCalc Pro has all the features of OrganiCalc for Vegetables plus more control over your amendment selection and mineral targets.

Mineral targets differ depending on the crop you’re growing. With OrganiCalc Pro you can dial in targets for your particular situation. This can be very helpful, for example when building a mineral reserve over time and lower initial targets are in order.

OrganiCalc Pro also lets you edit the standard amendment names and nutrient percentages. Plus there is space for up to six carbon-based nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium amendments such as composted manure and pelleted mixes. She calculates the carbon to nitrogen ratio of your mix which is key to understanding how much nitrogen may be released in the current cycle.

It’s simple to use. Enter the values from your Logan Labs soil test report in the form. Make any changes you need to the mineral targets. Make any changes you need to the amendment selections. Once you’re happy with your recommendations OrganiCalc will email you a pdf with the analysis and report. She remembers your last settings so these will be available the next time you use it.

With an OrganiCalc Pro subscription you also get access to:

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