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Get organic amendment recommendations
for your Logan Labs soil test

OrganiCalc for Vegetables turns a Logan Labs soil test report into a set of organic amendment recommendations aimed at balancing the mineral reserves in your soil.

Mineral balance is one of the essential supports of a healthy soil. Soil biology and plants work together to bring soils into balance by liberating locked up minerals and sequestering excesses. You can help this process by balancing your soil mineral profile with the plentiful minerals plants and microbes need.

A soil test can identify mineral deficiencies and excesses, but only if you know what to do with the numbers on the test report.

It’s simple to use. Enter the values from your Logan Labs soil test report in the form. Once you’re happy with your recommendations OrganiCalc will email you a pdf with the analysis and report.

Soil analysis is complex, with plenty of exceptions to the rules. OrganiCalc remembers the exceptions. Say goodbye to math errors and copying errors. She even checks for typos to the best of her ability.

We don’t want you to add something your soil doesn’t need. OrganiCalc is set up to supply a complete, balanced reserve of minerals for your garden soil without excesses.

Choose from two lists of carbon-based amendments such as composted manure or fish meal to provide nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Or add a carbon-based amendment of your own. The rest of the minerals and micronutrient amendments OrganiCalc recommends are commonly available.

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