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How do we activate our intention? Where do we put our attention? There is a discipline of mindfulness we can exercise while being in our everyday lives. We can open inward and outward and listen.

Beyond the solidity of minerals and biology there is a vast mystery – the mystery of our own life, our own consciousness. Who are we really? Where do we end? What is this thrum of life? What is it? What is it?

What is it indeed? If we get quiet enough we can feel this energy of life coursing through us. It lights up with every in breath. It dissolves into emptiness with every out breath. It is like a being with its own agenda, its own patterns so separate from our ideas and what we think. It’s open and it’s vibrant and it doesn’t seem to know the barrier of our skin. It extends outward into infinite space and inward into infinite space. Perhaps we are not so separate from everything as we think.

This is where our loyalty can lie, with this universal energy of life. We can be actors in its play. We can be advocates for life.

Listening quietly is the first step.  Take a seat in the garden and listen.

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