You want to grow great food

Start by growing great soil

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Our mission is to help you grow delicious, nutritious food using organic, regenerative methods

Healthy food, healthy farms, healthy communities

Our vision is to empower all of us – growers and eaters alike – to take control of our own health and our food supply. Growing nutrient dense food is revolutionary; it is the renunciation of a culture that values profit at all cost. It actively creates a culture that supports life, health and self-reliance.

We hope you will join us in this revolution.

What we do

Mineral Recommendations

Tailored for your soil using OrganiCalc – instant, accurate, OMRI organic


Get the additional expert help you need, when you need it


We pass on our knowledge of how to grow nutrient dense food regeneratively.

Our book

The Intelligent Gardener: Growing Nutrient Dense Food

by Steve Solomon with Erica Reinheimer

Vegetables, fruits and grains are a major source of vital nutrients, but centuries of intensive agriculture have depleted our soils to historic lows. As a result, the broccoli you consume today may have less than half the vitamins and minerals that the equivalent serving would have contained a hundred years ago. The Intelligent Gardener demystifies the process of re-mineralising the soil.


In 2012 we wrote the first version of OrganiCalc. Early in 2013 we started Grow Abundant Gardens. Since then we have helped thousands of people from all over the world understand their soil tests and remineralize their food.

Our passion is growing great food, and helping other grow great food.  We study the methods of regenerative agriculture and use them in our own garden.  We have both been gardeners since childhood.

We love hearing how you and your garden are doing.  Feel free to contact us or visit us.